Episode #23 Unedited, in the the car, way late, but still fun ;)

Hey ya’ll, it’s been a long, long time since the last episode of the pod, and I apologize for that. I have been crazy busy with my new job, having no time for life, let alone any time for recording and editing the podcast. I have however managed to do a whole bunch of new stuff on YouTube, and have realized that I actually have a passion for creating that kind of stuff, and have really kind of committed myself to it in a big way. So, if what I do here (which I am gonna continue to do as well) is up your alley at all, then please shoot on over to my YouTube channel and hit that subscribe button for me, and check out the ever growing collection of videos I have been working hard on over there. Here’s a link to my most recent YouTube video— https://youtu.be/1LFpnTRLMQU

Anyway, my commute to work and back home each day is long, and so I have a lot of time to yap into the mic about whatever pops into my brain, and that’s what this episode is, in a nut shell. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening.

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